H. TANAKA Research Group

Department of Chemical Science and Engineering
School of Material and Chemical Technology
Tokyo Institute of Technology
東京工業大学 物質理工学院 応用化学系

We are developing Chemistry and Technology for understanding and controlling biological events based on natural product chemistry and hope to make a contribution to chemical industry, biological industry, pharmaceutical industry or other industry.



平成28年11月19日(土) GlycoTOKYO2016 in Tokyo Tech.

News 2016.4-

Mr Sugiyama recieved a poster presentations award in GlycoTOKYO2016.

19 Nov 2016
GlycoTOKYO 2016 in TOKYO Tech

Mr Hamagami presented his research by a poster presentations.

14-16 Nov 2016

Mr Inada presented his research by a poster presentations.

14-16 Nov 2016

Mr Sugiyama presented his research by oral poster presentations.

10-11 Nov 2016

We enjoyed a baseball game with Toshima Lab in Keio Univ and Takahashi Lab in Hamayaku

5 Nov 2016
Baseball Game

Prof Tanaka joined in ACP meeting in Korea and presented a invited lecture about a PET reseach.

27-31 Sept 2016
ACP meeting in Korea

Hamagami, Siguyama, Inada, Fujimaki and Nohara(Seirzawa Lab) joined in Ekiden in Tokyo Tech. Hamagmi won the third prize in a nomal categoly.

30 Sept 2016

Dr Toyohara and Dr Tago in Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Gerontology (東京都健康長寿医療センター 研究所)presented about theri PET tracer developing research.

14-15 Sept 2016
PET 勉強会 (豊原先生、多胡先生)

Hamagmi did a poster presentation on the conferece and discssed with Prof Nakao in Waseda Univsesity

14-15 Sept 2016

We congratuate three candidates to pass the entrance examination and took a picture with them.

9 Sept 2016
A Party after Entrance Examination

Kou Sato (M2) and Ryosuke Koinuma (M1) presented papers in The 35th Annual Meeting of The Japnese Society of Carbohydrate Research .

1-3 Sept 2016

We start a project for development of new synthesizer of [18F]PET probes

29 Aug 2016

We set up a green floor mat with chemical resistance in 303.

25 Aug 2016
Green Sheet

88 Guests came to our laboratory. Thank you for your coming.

11 Aug 2016
Open Campus in 2016

2 Aug 2016
Publication in Chem. Eur. J.

14 July 2016
Publication in Chem. Eur. J.

6 July 2016

4 July 2016
A send-off party for entrance exam. of graduate school.

2 July 2016
Joint Seminner with Serizawa Lab.

27 June 2016
Publication in Eur. J. Org. Chem.

Mr Sugiyama(M2) did a poster presentation.

8 June 2016

3 June 2016
Group Photo by HT

28 May 2016
BBQ in Odaiba

23 May 2016

17 May 2016
Publication in PLOS One

Hiroki Hamagami (D1) did a good oral presentation

14 May 2016

With Mikami-Ito group (MI) group, we (Tanaka group) enjoyed to drink somthing

28 Apl 2016
MIT welcome party

Ko Sato (M2) did a good oral presentation in English

13 Apl 2016
2016Glycoretreat in Taipei

4 Apl 2016
Publication in Chem. Eur. J.

4 Apl 2016
Wellcome Party

Mr Yamano and Mr Shimizu joined us!!!

4 Apl 2016
New members

1 Apl 2016 Start! Spring has come!

News 2015.4-2016.3

28 Mar 2016 Graduation Ceremony
Congratuation on your Graduation

24-27 Mar 2016The 96th CSJ Annual Meeting
Mr Aoyagi (M2), Mr Hamgami(M2), Ms Shiraishi, Mr Sato(M1), Mr Sugiyama(M1) and Mr Inada(B4) presented a paper of their reasech.

17 Mar 2016
Farewell party at 2016

1 Mar 2016
Presentation for graduation of undergraduate course

10 Feb 2016
Presentation for graduation of undergraduate course

19 Jan 2016
Publication in ASC Advances

1 Jan 2016
A Happy New Year!!!

25 Dec 2015
A year-end party

Mr Hamagami presented a poster

15-20 Dec 2015
Pacifichem 2015 in Hawaii

Ms Shiraishi presented a poster.

15-20 Dec 2015
Pacifichem 2015 in Hawaii

We enjoyed cakes and and OSYOU chinese dumplings with celebrating Iwata's, Fujimaki's and Inada' birthdays.

16 Nov 2015
Birthday Party with OUSYOU chinese dumplings.

Dr Hiroshi Tanaka presented a paper as invited speaker on The 7th ACGG conference.

12-15 Nov 2015
The 7th ACGG conference in Matsushima MIyagi..

We enjoyed a baseball game with Takahashi Labo in Yokohama University of Pharmacy and Toshima Labo in Keio University. But, we lost the game on a one-to-two.

7 Nov 2015
Baseball game at Nishi-tomioka baseball park.

Ms Nana Shiraishi (M2) will present a paper on 108th Symposium of Organic Synthesis

5-6 Nov 2015
108th Symposium of Organic Synthesis

23 Oct 2015
Publication in Bioorg. Med. Chem. Lett.

Mr Sato got an poster award in GlycoTOKYO2015. This piicture invovles Mr Sato with Prof Inazu and Prof Toshima

24 Oct 2015
Poster Award in GlycoTOKYO.

Mr Sugiyama, Mr Sato, Mr Hamagami and Mr Aoyagi presented a poster in GlycoTOKYO2015

24 Oct 2015
GlycoTokyo 2015 in Keio Univ. Mr Sugiyama presented a poster

Mr Sato presented a poster in 5th CSJ meeting

14 Oct 2015
Baseball game vs Mikami-Ito Lab

Mr Sato presented a poster in 5th CSJ meeting

13-15 Oct 2015
5th CSJ meeting In Funabori

30 Sep 2015
Pubulication in Tetrahedron

We triped to Gunma aria for sightseeing. We enjoyed hot springs, a water fall, foods, a world cultural heritage and KONNYAKU

14-16 Sep 2015
Taking a trip to Gunma area 研究室旅行(群馬)

We held on Gyoza party with Serizawa research group for Congratulationing our sinior students on passing the exams.

7 Sep 2015
Gyoza party with Serizawa Lab 餃子祭

We enjoyed beer with Serizawa group to cheer up those who suffer from the hot weather.

7 Aug 2015

Dr. Tanaka present a paper as an invited speaker and Mr Aoyagi (M2) gave oral presentation.

1-3 July 2015

Mr. Sato (M1) and Mr Sugiyama (M1) joined TENNENBUTU DANWAMAI in Matsushima and fully enjoyed Chemsitry with alcohol.

1-3 July 2015

Mr. Hamagami (M2) presented a paper at 10th annual meeting of Japanese Society of Chemical Biology in Sendai.

10-12 June 2015
Japanese Society of Chemical Biology